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Aric Master

Trained from Terence Lewis Inc in disciplines like Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Ballet, and other commercial styles and has worked as a Former Sr. Company Instructor and Performer for 11years and now teaching Pan India.


Specialises in Flying Low & Passing Through which he has learnt under David Zambrano who is the creator of the Technique.


Also specialises in Contemporary techniques like Release Technique, Contact Improvisation, Spontaneous Improvisation, Physical Momentum, Depth Movement & Solo Creations.


All forces are either a push or pull, Our bodies are a beautiful mechanism of this science. Push and Pull exists within us and around us through Gravity, Air and various other factors.


Class is based on the various ways of approaching the bodies with this simple Play of Push & Pull and creating an awareness within us and around us.

Assisted by Dikshita Jha

ed Dikshita shooting1111.jpg

Dikshita Jha is a professionally trained dancer from Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute who has trained in dance forms like Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballet. She has worked as a  dancer and assistant choreographer in the Bollywood Industry to choreographers like Ruel Dausan Varindani, Javed Sanadi, Bosco Caesar . 

She has also been a part of music videos and ad films.

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