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Laura Aris Alvarez

Laura is a performer, choreographer and dance teacher. She has been leading workshops worldwide since 2001. Laura has developed a rich body of work: commissioned works, several solos and many collaborations with other artists.


As a performer, she danced with Juan Carlos García's dance company Lanònima Imperial, receiving the Lladró Award for an outstanding dancer at the Valencia Festival (1999), and she was a member of the artist collective General Elèctrica/Tomás Aragay (1997-1999). Former dancer of Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus desde 1999 hasta 2008.


Over the last few years, she has been Wim Vandekeybus's assistant choreographer and movement coach in several shows directed by Ivo Van Hove (at Dutch National Opera & Ballet in 2017, Comedie Francaise in 2019 and International Theatre Amsterdam in 2021).


Physical communication between two dancers depends on the awareness and control of the shared balance. This requires a technical aspect but also an emotional and mental management approach.


Technical exercises and structured improvisations within a clear framework will be the starting point for the work in couples, trios or groups. Participants will be invited to experiment and play with their vocabulary and style within a defined context. We will practice specific body mechanisms to enhance awareness and expand the possibilities of communication. We will search for those creative impulses that, once liberated, offer us opportunities to reach new achievements. We will observe how, sometimes, the extreme qualities maintain a balanced tension, that artistic tension attracts attention, and that, many times, silence speaks.

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